My skills

These are some of the skills I can provide.

Mobile first

Most people today visit websites with the use of their phones, which is why I specialize in making your site work on all of the major mobilephone brands.

Well known solutions

Wordpress and Umbraco are two of the CMS's on the market which I have experience with. I can help with installation, setup, development, scripting and design.

All in one

As self claimed "allround nerd", I can provide services in all stages of starting new or refreshing a site or brand. I can provide everything from design, development, branding and so on.


  • C#
  • DotNet
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • MVC
  • LUA
  • Bash
  • Java
  • JavaScript

Frameworks and CMS

  • WordPress
  • Umbraco
  • Boostrap 2 & 3
  • jQuery


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Windows Server
  • Ubuntu Server

This is me

Want to know more?

My name is Patrick, also known as 2rsvold, and I live in Oslo, Norway with my wife and our two daughters.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


I started developing at the age of 14 in the year of 2000, and just fell in love with the ability to be creative in such a way. I started with simple HTML sites and forms in Microsoft Frontpage, but quickly moved over to creating more complex sites with PHP as the backend engine.

Around the same time I started experimenting with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, resulting in the ability to design everything from simple logos to complex web designs.

Design and development continued as a hobby for years, until I got a job as developer for a small company in 2013, which let me be able to do my hobby full-time.

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